Our companies is “SFF LEATHER INDUSTRIES LTD”, AXIOM LEATHER GOODS & FOOTWEAR”of Bangladesh. We are very pleased to inform you that our company is a leather and leather goods“Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Leather Inspecting company in Bangladesh. Our company established 1995 and working with overseas leather and leather goods buyers. We supply and export all kinds of Cow, Goat, Buffalo and Sheep dyed Crust leather, Finished leather and all kinds of Cow and Buffalo wet blue split leather and split dyed crust leather, Suede Leather direct from Bangladesh all tanneries and leather goods factories.

We also Produced, export and supply all type of leather Jens, Ladies and Baby Shoes, Bags, Belts, Wallet, Leather goods, Industrial gloves etc direct from our self factories and Bangladesh others manufacturer factories with competitive prices. We are specialized in all type of leather like “ Full chrome / Semi chrome / Full vegetable, Chrome free full vegetable and Ecological (no chrome and no vegetable) Cow, Goat, Buffalo and Sheep natural and dyed color Crust and Finished leather for Shoe Upper, Shoe Lining, Bag Leather, Garment Leather, Jacket Leather, Furniture Leather, Belt Leather etc.

If you need any other quality Cow, Goat, Buffalo and Sheep natural color and dyed color Crust leather, Finished leather Wetblue Split leather, Split crust leather and Suede leather or leather gents and Ladies Shoes, Bags, Belts, Wallet, Leather goods, Industrial gloves etc for you or your clients. Please do not hesitate will contact to us and let me know about you and your clients required leather and leather goods full specification for our note, study and necessary action. Then we will provide to you present best and competitive price quotation accordingly your requirement after checked.

If you are looking for a good, reliable, sound and Solvent Manufacturer, Supplier, Strong inspector and Buying agent who can supply you best quality and bulk quantity with strong inspection. We are in this field because we export all kinds of leather and leather various goods from Bangladesh about last 25 years. So, for justifying us you can give as a trial / sample order for understand our product’s Quality, Inspection standard and our great service.